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Workflow ReRrun


  • oozie.wf.application.path
* Only one of following two configurations is mandatory. Both should not be defined at the same time
    • oozie.wf.rerun.skip.nodes
    • oozie.wf.rerun.failnodes
  • Skip nodes are comma separated list of action names. They can be any action nodes including decision node.
  • The valid value of oozie.wf.rerun.failnodes is true or false.
  • If secured hadoop version is used, the following two properties needs to be specified as well
    • mapreduce.jobtracker.kerberos.principal
    • dfs.namenode.kerberos.principal.


  • Workflow with id wfId should exist.
  • Workflow with id wfId should be in SUCCEEDED/KILLED/FAILED.
  • If specified , nodes in the config oozie.wf.rerun.skip.nodes must be completed successfully.


  • Reloads the configs.
  • Creates a new Workflow Instance with the same wfId.
  • Deletes the actions that are not skipped from the DB and copies data from old Workflow Instance to new one for skipped actions.
  • Action handler will skip the nodes given in the config with the same exit transition as before.

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