Class JobCommand

  extended by org.apache.oozie.command.Command<T,WorkflowStore>
      extended by<WorkflowJobBean>
          extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
Callable<WorkflowJobBean>, XCallable<WorkflowJobBean>

public class JobCommand
extends WorkflowCommand<WorkflowJobBean>

Command for loading a job information

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.apache.oozie.command.Command
dryrun, instrumentation, LOCK_FAILURE_REQUEUE_INTERVAL
Constructor Summary
JobCommand(String id)
JobCommand(String id, int start, int length)
Method Summary
protected  WorkflowJobBean call(WorkflowStore store)
          DagCallable subclasses must implement this method to perform their task.
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Methods inherited from class org.apache.oozie.command.Command
call, execute, getCreatedTime, getInstrumentation, getKey, getName, getPriority, getType, incrCommandCounter, incrJobCounter, incrJobCounter, lock, logQueueCallableFalse, queueCallable, queueCallable, queueCallable, queueCallableForException, resetLogInfoAction, resetLogInfoWorkflow, setLogInfo, setLogInfo, setLogInfo, setLogInfo, toString
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Constructor Detail


public JobCommand(String id)
id - wf jobId


public JobCommand(String id,
                  int start,
                  int length)
id - wf jobId
start - starting index in the list of actions belonging to the job
length - number of actions to be returned
Method Detail


protected WorkflowJobBean call(WorkflowStore store)
                        throws StoreException
Description copied from class: Command
DagCallable subclasses must implement this method to perform their task.

The workflow store works in transactional mode. The transaction is committed only if this method ends successfully. Otherwise the transaction is rolledback.

Specified by:
call in class Command<WorkflowJobBean,WorkflowStore>
store - the workflow store instance for the callable, null if the callable does not use a store.
the return value of the callable.
StoreException - thrown if the workflow store could not perform an operation.

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