Package org.apache.oozie.util

Interface Summary
Instrumentable Managed entities (like services) that implement this interface are injected with the system Instrumentation object.
Instrumentation.Element<T> Gives access to a snapshot of an Instrumentation element (Counter, Timer).
Instrumentation.Variable<T> Interface for instrumentation variables.
XCallable<T> Extends Callable adding the concept of priority.

Class Summary
ClassUtils Class utilities.
CoordActionsInDateRange This class provides the utility of listing coordinator actions that were executed between a certain date range.
ELConstantsFunctions Base EL constants and functions.
ELEvaluator JSP Expression Language Evaluator.
ELEvaluator.Context Provides functions and variables for the EL evaluator.
Instrumentation Instrumentation framework that supports Timers, Counters, Variables and Sampler instrumentation elements.
Instrumentation.Cron Cron is a stopwatch that can be started/stopped several times.
Instrumentation.Timer Timer Instrumentation element.
InstrumentUtils Instrument utilities.
IOUtils IO Utility methods.
JobUtils Job utilities.
LogUtils logging utilities.
MemoryLocks In memory resource locking that provides READ/WRITE lock capabilities.
ParamChecker Utility class to check common parameter preconditions.
PriorityDelayQueue<E> A Queue implementation that support queuing elements into the future and priority queuing.
PriorityDelayQueue.QueueElement<E> Element wrapper required by the queue.
WritableUtils Utility class to write/read Hadoop writables to/from a byte array.
XConfiguration Extends Hadoop Configuration providing a new constructor which reads an XML configuration from an InputStream.
XLog The XLog class extends the functionality of the Apache common-logging Log interface.
XLog.Info LogInfo stores contextual information to create log prefixes.
XLogReader Reads the input stream(log file) and applies the filters and writes it to output stream.
XLogStreamer XLogStreamer streams the given log file to logWriter after applying the given filter.
XLogStreamer.Filter Filter that will construct the regular expression that will be used to filter the log statement.
XmlUtils XML utility methods.
XmlUtils.PrettyPrint Pretty print string representation of an XML document that generates the pretty print on lazy mode when the XmlUtils.PrettyPrint.toString() method is invoked.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
ELEvaluationException Exception thrown by EL functions when they find a transient error.

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