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Classes in that implement Schema.Table
static class OozieSchema.OozieTable

Fields in with type parameters of type Schema.Table
static Map<Schema.Table,List<Schema.Column>> OozieSchema.TABLE_COLUMNS

Methods in that return Schema.Table
 Schema.Table OozieSchema.OozieColumn.table()

Methods in with parameters of type Schema.Table
static String OozieSchema.generateCreateTableScript(Schema.Table table, Schema.DBType dbType)
          Generates the create table SQL Statement

Uses of Schema.Table in org.apache.oozie.util.db

Methods in org.apache.oozie.util.db that return Schema.Table
 Schema.Table Schema.Column.table()
          Table to which the column belongs

Methods in org.apache.oozie.util.db with parameters of type Schema.Table
static SqlStatement.Delete SqlStatement.deleteFrom(Schema.Table table)
          Return a new Delete Statement
static String Schema.generateCreateTableScript(Schema.Table table, Schema.DBType dbType, List<Schema.Column> tableColumns)
          Generates the SQL Statement for creating the table
static String Schema.generateDropTableScript(Schema.Table table, Schema.DBType dbType)
          Generates the SQL Statement for droping the table
static SqlStatement.Select SqlStatement.getCount(Schema.Table... tables)
          Select count(*) Statement generator.
static SqlStatement.Insert SqlStatement.insertInto(Schema.Table table)
          Return a new Insert Statement
static SqlStatement.Select SqlStatement.selectAllFrom(Schema.Table... tables)
          Return a Select All Statement
static SqlStatement.Update SqlStatement.update(Schema.Table table)
          Return a new Update Statement

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