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Oozie Upgrade


Make sure there are not Workflows in RUNNING or SUSPENDED status, otherwise the database upgrade will fail.

Shutdown Oozie and backup the Oozie database.

Copy the oozie-site.xml from your current setup.

Oozie Server Upgrade

Expand the new Oozie tarball in a new location.

Edit the new oozie-site.xml setting all custom properties values from the old oozie-site.xml

IMPORTANT: From Oozie 2.x to Oozie 3.x the names of the database configuration properties have changed. Their prefix has changed from =oozie.service.StoreService.*= to =oozie.service.JPAService.*=. Make sure you are using the new prefix.

After upgrading the Oozie server, the oozie-setup.sh MUST be rerun before starting the upgraded Oozie server.

Oozie database migration is required when there Oozie database schema changes, like upgrading from Oozie 2.x to Oozie 3.x.

Configure the oozie-site.xml with the correct database configuration properties as explained in the 'Database Configuration' section in Oozie Install .

Once oozie-site.xml has been configured with the database configuration execute the ooziedb.sh command line tool to upgrade the database:

$ bin/ooziedb.sh upgrade -runValidate DB Connection.
Check DB schema exists
Check OOZIE_SYS table does not exist
Verify there are not active Workflow Jobs
Create SQL schema
Create OOZIE_SYS table
Upgrade COORD_JOBS new columns default values.
Upgrade COORD_JOBS & COORD_ACTIONS status values.
Table 'WF_ACTIONS' column 'execution_path', length changed to 1024
Oozie DB has been upgraded to Oozie version '3.2.0'
The SQL commands have been written to: /tmp/ooziedb-5737263881793872034.sql

The new version of the Oozie server is ready to be started.

NOTE: If using MySQL or Oracle, copy the corresponding JDBC driver JAR file to the libext/ directory before running the ooziedb.sh command line tool.

NOTE: If instead using the '-run' option, the '-sqlfile ' option is used, then all the database changes will be written to the specified file and the database won't be modified.

Oozie Client Upgrade

While older Oozie clients work with newer Oozie server, to have access to all the functionality of the Oozie server the same version of Oozie client should be installed and used by users.

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