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Uses of DagEngineException in org.apache.oozie

Methods in org.apache.oozie that throw DagEngineException
 void DagEngine.change(String jobId, String changeValue)
 String DagEngine.getDefinition(String jobId)
          Return the a job definition.
 String BaseEngine.getJMSTopicName(String jobId)
          Return the jms topic name for the job.
 org.apache.oozie.client.WorkflowJob DagEngine.getJob(String jobId)
          Return the info about a job.
 org.apache.oozie.client.WorkflowJob DagEngine.getJob(String jobId, int start, int length)
          Return the info about a job with actions subset.
 String DagEngine.getJobIdForExternalId(String externalId)
          Return the workflow Job ID for an external ID.
 WorkflowsInfo DagEngine.getJobs(String filter, int start, int len)
          Return the info about a set of jobs.
 void DagEngine.kill(String jobId)
          Kill a job.
protected  Map<String,List<String>> DagEngine.parseFilter(String filter)
          Validate a jobs filter.
 void DagEngine.processCallback(String actionId, String externalStatus, Properties actionData)
          Process an action callback.
 void DagEngine.reRun(String jobId, org.apache.hadoop.conf.Configuration conf)
          Rerun a job.
 void DagEngine.resume(String jobId)
          Resume a job.
 void DagEngine.start(String jobId)
          Start a job.
 void DagEngine.streamLog(String jobId, Writer writer)
          Stream the log of a job.
 String DagEngine.submitHttpJob(org.apache.hadoop.conf.Configuration conf, String jobType)
          Submit a pig/hive/mapreduce job through HTTP.
 String DagEngine.submitJob(org.apache.hadoop.conf.Configuration conf, boolean startJob)
          Submit a workflow job.
 String DagEngine.submitJobFromCoordinator(org.apache.hadoop.conf.Configuration conf, String parentId)
          Submit a workflow through a coordinator.
 void DagEngine.suspend(String jobId)
          Suspend a job.

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