Package org.apache.oozie.command

Class Summary
BulkJobsXCommand The command to get a job info for a list of bundle jobs by given filters.
Command<T,S extends Store> Base class for all synchronous and asynchronous DagEngine commands.
KillTransitionXCommand This is transition Base commands for all the jobs.
MaterializeTransitionXCommand Transition command for materialize the job.
PauseTransitionXCommand Transition command for pause the job.
PurgeXCommand This class is used to purge workflows, coordinators, and bundles.
RerunTransitionXCommand<T> Transition command for rerun the job.
StartTransitionXCommand Transition command for start the job.
StatusUpdateXCommand Transition command for update status.
SubmitTransitionXCommand Base class for submit transition command.
TransitionXCommand<T> This is the base commands for all the jobs related commands .
UnpauseTransitionXCommand Transition command for unpause the job.
XCommand<T> Base class for synchronous and asynchronous commands.

Exception Summary
CommandException Exception thrown by Commands.

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