Package org.apache.oozie.service

Interface Summary
Service A service is component managed by the Services singleton.

Class Summary
ActionCheckerService The Action Checker Service queue ActionCheckCommands to check the status of running actions and CoordActionCheckCommands to check the status of coordinator actions.
AuthorizationService The authorization service provides all authorization checks.
BundleEngineService Service that return a bundle engine for a user.
CallableQueueService The callable queue service queues XCallables for asynchronous execution.
CallbackService Service that generates and parses callback URLs.
ConfigurationService Built in service that initializes the services configuration.
CoordinatorEngineService Service that return a coordinator engine for a user.
CoordinatorStoreService Base service for persistency of jobs and actions.
CoordMaterializeTriggerService The coordinator Materialization Lookup trigger service schedule lookup trigger command for every interval (default is 5 minutes ).
DagEngineService Service that return a dag engine for a user.
DagXLogInfoService Set Dag specific log info parameters.
ELService The ELService creates ELEvaluator instances preconfigured with constants and functions defined in the configuration.
EventHandlerService Service class that handles the events system - creating events queue, managing configured properties and managing and invoking various event listeners via worker threads
GroupsService The GroupsService class delegates to the Hadoop's to retrieve the groups a user belongs to.
HadoopAccessorService The HadoopAccessorService returns HadoopAccessor instances configured to work on behalf of a user-group.
InstrumentationService This service provides an Instrumentation instance configured to support samplers.
JMSAccessorService This class will Create/Manage JMS connections using user configured JNDI properties.
JMSTopicService JMS Topic service to retrieve topic names from events or job id
JPAService Service that manages JPA and executes JPAExecutor.
LiteWorkflowAppService Service that provides workflow application definition reading, parsing and creating proto configuration.
PartitionDependencyManagerService Module that functions like a caching service to maintain partition dependency mappings
PauseTransitService PauseTransitService is the runnable which is scheduled to run at the configured interval, it checks all bundles to see if they should be paused, un-paused or started.
ProxyUserService The ProxyUserService checks if a user of a request has proxyuser privileges.
PurgeService The PurgeService schedules purging of completed jobs and associated action older than a specified age for workflow, coordinator and bundle.
RecoveryService The Recovery Service checks for pending actions and premater coordinator jobs older than a configured age and then queues them for execution.
SchedulerService This service executes scheduled Runnables and Callables at regular intervals.
SchemaService Service that loads Oozie workflow definition schema and registered extension schemas.
Services Services is a singleton that manages the lifecycle of all registered Services.
StatusTransitService StateTransitService is scheduled to run at the configured interval.
StatusTransitService.StatusTransitRunnable StateTransitRunnable is the runnable which is scheduled to run at the configured interval.
StoreService Base service for persistency of jobs and actions.
UUIDService The UUID service generates unique IDs.
WorkflowAppService Service that provides application workflow definition reading from the path and creation of the proto configuration.
WorkflowSchemaService Service that loads Oozie workflow definition schema and registered extension schemas.
WorkflowStoreService Base service for persistency of jobs and actions.
XLogService Built-in service that initializes and manages Logging via Log4j.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
ServiceException Exception thrown by Services and Service during initialization.

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